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Hey there,

This is my first post and I formost wanted to say a "Thank You" to all of you I have read here and taken good advice from.

I just returned from a week-long vacation shooting ducks and geese with my new SBE II.

The trip was unbelievable... Limits on ducks and geese every day. I am new to this and I am now hooked for life.

But, I did have one failure to feed where the third round ejected from the mag tube but the bolt ran part-way over the shell as the round was not levered up by the shell carrier. I was using 3.5 inch Kents at the time.

One thing I did notice was that on this gun, I can feel a little play with the carrier where it can move to the right (gun upside down looking at the carrier). When unloaded, I can press without too much pressure, the carrier to the right and feel and slight hang-up on the base of the bolt (again, only if I press it).

Has anyone ever noticed this on their own SBE II?

Thanks for any help,


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Wow...You're a walking encyclopedia, Tucker. Thanks for the response.

This particular fellows gun had or has different problem. But, it's good to hear that you were able to fix your's with a little tweeking.

I'm going to put some more rounds through it this week and see if it does not occur again. If it does, but only every now and then, I'll wait for the season to end before sending it in to Benelli. I just don't feel to comfortable having a shell carrier that is visibly over to one side.

Thanks again for your help,


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