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Ethos: grip to trigger distance too long


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I recently bought bought an Ethos Sport and am working on getting it adjusted to me. One thing I notice is that if I grip the gun in a natural way, my finger barely reaches the trigger. I also own a Super Nova and I don't have that problem with that gun. The grip to trigger distance is shorter. This is not an LOP thing.

Is there a product designed to adjust this? I could pile up some moleskin on the grip but that won't look very good.

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Building up the front of the grip like you mentioned would likely be the easiest but unsightly as you mentioned. Only thing I could think of that might work permanently would require shortening the FRONT of the buttstock then re-contouring it and refinishing. That seems like a lot to do. They don't look like they have any difference between it and the others, but I guess it often doesn't take much change in this area to really notice it.

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