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Marc Anthony, Jr

Mark Anthony, Jr

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New to the forum and fairly new to guns. I was fortunate to land a M4 Tactical yesterday. Kind of a big deal I guess. ?  While researching custom modifications I found a really cool HAYL rail(?) from Strike Indusrties. I recall seeing few less than stellar reviews. My gunsmith said I should avoid anything related to ‘Air Soft’. Again, I’m new so I’m easily confused. The rail is really cool looking however. Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions. 
l’m not a robot and have yet to date Cleopatra.????


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No one likes the Strike Industries rail since you have to tighten set screws to get it to stop wiggling once installed. They shoot loose and are generally considered a pain in the ass. Set screws in cheap 6061 aluminum are not going to last a long time. You’ll eventually wear out the threads and strip them out. 
Some have fixed these rails by putting RTV silicon inside the rail and letting it cure to the shotgun. This eliminates the need for the set screws. 

Rail systems aren’t really needed anyway. They place the light in the way of your hand. They are a bunch of weight too. You’d be better served with a dedicated light mount from Impact Weapon Components. I tried all sorts of hand stops in the past. All they did was get in the way. Same applies on the AR platform. I like to be able to move my grip to different positions on a rail since I’m not always shooting at some optimal position. Having the freedom to slide up and down the rail for leverage is a huge benefit. 

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