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Warranty Repair - Dinged Stock


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Bought two defective Montefeltro 20 gauge guns in a row. First one was exchanged and second one also had issue. I never fired either and both had magazine sticking issues.

Now after first purchase made in June, I finally have my repaired "brand new never fired" gun back from Benelli warranty. Of course this was also delayed because they shipped to wrong state and it took 5 calls from them to correct FedEx. 

When I opened the FedEx box I was so excited to finally go fire my gun and guess what I found..... Two large gashes on the stock and three scratches!!!! The shipping box had no damage and there was no report from Benelli when they received it had been damaged. 

This is my first Benelli and not pleased with experience. Have others had similar issues with magazine sticking and how reliable is a Montefeltro really? I can attest that the warranty/service is dreadful!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Update on warranty repair.... Benelli received the Montefeltro back Sept. 19th after it was originally returned to me with a damaged stock. No real apology was given and only information I received is that they have a backlog and will take two weeks to look at it. Well.. it's been two weeks now and no communication or understanding of when I will ever receive my gun back.


Just to recap 

  • Bought Montefeltro last week of June from Cabela's
  • 1st night I found that cartridges jammed and never fired gun
  • Three week of going back and forth with Cabela's they swapped with another same model
    • Explaination is that Benelli was slow to respond in warranty of new gun
  • New replacement gun from Cabela's has an issue with the first cartridge I placed in the magazone and would not come out. 
  • Sent gun to Benneli myself and repaired with identified issue of malfunctioning magazine
  • When I received back from Benelli repair I found that the stock had large gashes on int
    • Called Benelli and they sais they would fill the holes and repair
    • I asked for a new stock since this is a brand new firearm and never been fired. 
    • Benelli warranty agreed to replace stock
  • I sent back into Benelli and received no reply and after checking stated that there was a large backlog of repairs and will have to wait two week.
  • It's been two weeks from that time and no communication or indication of when I will ever receive the firearm back.

So essentially I paid $1,000 a for a Montefeltro 12 weeks ago and was never able to even fire it and Benelli has it in their possesion!

I'll post to all other social media and forums to see if there are similar experiences and dissatisfaction with Benelli.



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