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M4 1014 "Fixed Modified Barrel / Choke" Slug Friendly??


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Hello All-

I''m New to the Benelli M4 I wanted to clarify some things. Ive done a search on shooting slugs through a modified choke but cant seem to find a post specific to the 1014 fixed modified choke barrel and the results shooting slugs through through it. I will be shooting more Bird and Buck shot, but occasionally I my want to through a few slugs down range especially to dial in the Iron sights and or a Red Dot / Hologram if I decide to go that route. of course since the barrel is smooth bore I would only use rifled slugs.  

1. Am I safe to put slugs down the fixed Modified barrel

2. Will the M4 eat Low recoil (1150 - 1300) 1oz 

3. Any damage to the bore to be concerned about

4. How far out can I expect accuracy before the tighter choke starts to hinder results 


Thanks and I appreciate the feedback. 


ps. great forum by the way, learning a lot here. 

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I shot a bunch of slugs through a modified choke on an m4 without any I'll effect. Others worry about it I chose not to. Later I did switch it out for a more open choke ( I believe it was light modified size ). Either way there was no damage to the barrel or choke threads running the factory mod. choke.

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Thanks! Appreciate the feedback. I'm surprised the gun came with a "fixed choke barrel" but clearly my fault for not doing more research. In any case, as long as I can put slugs and 00 buck down it i'm happy (actually ecstatic). Even if the barrel did have the interchangeable chokes, I would more than likely went improved cylinder and left it.    

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