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Benelli M3 Super 90 Fire Select question


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Hey guys 'n' gals,

A big hello from England in the UK here, and a request to have a few questions answered.


At current, I am 3D modeling a Benelli M3 Super 90 for a Half-Life 2 mod (name yet to be discussed), and in my modeling time, I've come to realise that I have a few questions about the M3S90.


My first question is about the fire select switch: I don't actually understand how it works (and because of this, I cannot model it accurately.) So I'm wondering if anybody here can explain (possibly with diagrams/pictures?) how the fire select works? If you can, that would be amazing, thank you.


My second question is about the ejection port cover: In pictures I've seen, it doesn't seem to fully cover the ejection port. I'm wondering if this is just a bad M3, or whether there is a reason that the cover does not full cover the ejection port. If you can answer this, I would be most grateful.


Once again, thank you for your time, guys. smile.gif


Edit: Forgot to include a pic, so you can see where I've gotten to.


I'm aware the handle is missing, as well as the foregrip/pump... the handle has since been modeled (I'm using the stock/pistol grip combo), and the foregrip/pump is waiting on the fire select.


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I had a look through, and I *THINK* I have an understanding.

There appears to be a ring on the "business" end of the foregrip, which has two arms coming off it (either side). Is that what you turn clockwise and push/pull the foregrip to change fire modes with?

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That's called intellectual property theft, I can't legally use it.

Plus, it's *VERY* bad taste to use somebody else's models.

Also, the one from Counter-Strike isn't 100% accurate; mine is (will be), hence the questions.


So can anybody answer my questions? The the manual didn't actually make it any clearer for me.

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Quoting page 31 of the manual,


"The type of action on which the M3 SUPER

90 shotgun operates can be selected according

to the ammunition being used.


The mode of operation can be shifted from

manual (pump-action) to semi-automatic

instantaneously, without having to effect any

adjustments, by simply turning the selection

ring mounted on the front of the fore-end



This function is all clearly covered in pages 31 through 37 .

I don't know how anyone could explain it any better to you.


You may also want to make sure that you program in the fact that the bolt will stay opened after the last round is fired (if your video game weapon ever runs out of ammo), and the bolt must then be released by depressing the button on the side of the receiver.

Your scientist/mercenary guy will probably also want to drop a live round into the chamber before he pushes the button. Otherwise, the mutant honey bee that looks like a peach with three heads may get him.

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