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Ethos vs. Ethos Sport


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I mostly shoot birds, not targets. Sure, some targets for practice and the like, but that’s not my commitment.  

Thoughts on the Ethos Sport as a field gun?  Any clear “cons”?  I ask because I can actually find the Sport.  The regular Ethos seems to be “off the grid” everywhere I look. Please advise. Thanks. 

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Usually a field gun will be lighter and have a narrow rib with a single bead. Sporter will be usually longer and heavier with a wide rib and two beads. The comb will be higher on a sporter, to cause you to shoot high which is good for skeet/trap.  (Yes, debatable, and not trying to start a war)

That said in a very basic sense, if you are mainly looking for a bird gun, stick with the field. You can trap skeet with it anytime. Plus you save a few (a lot) bucks. If you were to comp shoot trap skeet, then the sporter and hunt with it occasionally. Plus i don’t know your fit and shooting preference.. but you won’t get a 26inch sport if that’s what you need.

I just got my son into trap, and had to go through this. Got him a field. 1. If he drops out, we have a nice field gun. 2. If he gets great, and wants to keep it up, we get a sporting, and still have a nice field gun.

bottom line, save some bucks  and get the field where you can find it. I think the difference between the two versions is only 100, but that’s a case and almost a half of shells.

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