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recommendation for drill bit & tap/die sets


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I am installing a TTI bolt release and find myself without the required tools. …I have 4-40 tap, need 5-40 tap. same scenario with the drill bit. however I did start with a small pilot hole first. I ordered the tap and drill bit on amazon as nobody local had it on the shelf. 

I have a ton of tap & die and 2 tons of drill bits...none the right ones..

If I am to invest into more of both, what do you Gunsmiths recommend. primarily the drill bits. 

before ya say it, Yes I know about the no drilling bolt release assembly. I just like to be difficult  LOL. Hey thank you for any input. 


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5 hours ago, Doge said:

Order them on job basis. Your best option for individual items through a reliable supplier is McMaster-Carr.

If I am trying to put a hole or threads into something hard to replace, I am using good tools.

Thanks, they are about an hour away from me. 

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