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Accessories for M1014


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I have read many topics regarding different views on the accessories for the M1014. I wanted to get a couple of insights from each of you, especially M1014 himself.


I just purchased the M1014 and want to load it up! To that end, I also purchased the EOtech 552 and the extension tube. I noticed that some of you have used the tacstar side sadal and some have used the butt holster for extra shells. I would like to know what your opinion is of each? Also, I have read about numerous topics on illuminators for the M1014 including surefires M80. Has it come out yet?> Or does anyone have an alternative?


I would like to do this right and any help is greatly appreciated.




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You can purchase the Sidearmor mount. I have it, and it works well. It should work with the Surefire rail whenever its done also.

If you simply want a light, and nothing else up front such as a vertical forward grip, and/or a laser, the sidearmor mount works well if you're willing to use a tape switch for your light.

If you want all 3 things like myself, you'll need some offering from Surefire to complete it. Stay away from the DSA railed forend. It's overweight and vents debris on your hands. Worst case, you might be able to modify it. Plus a vertical forward grip wouldn't be too bad.


I like the side saddle from tacstar better then the 3 gunner velcro nylon thing. The rubber shotgun shell holders are easy to reload. You can do it with one hand, where as the nylon elastic loops are a PITA.

With the elastic ones, you end up not using them. The installation of the tacstar unit sucks, but I live with it.

With 8 rounds in the weapon, 6 on the tacstar, and 6 in the buttstock shell carrier, along with my 12mw green laser, my weapon weighs in at 13.5 lbs.

About 2 - 3 lbs of that at least are bullets.


When I get my vertical grip, rail system, light; I should be weighing in around 15 lbs. loaded, 12 lbs. unloaded.


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Lawman,,,I'd rather not load my weapon down to where I couldn't operate it.Sidesaddles detract from the M1014s modual construction feature,mag extensions are the first and foremost option,,for lighting--the SureFire tactical light,universal modelL60 is a my suggestion plus a sling of your choice with a heatshield,,optics?????theres a wide range of optics--Bushnell holo sites models is recommended,,,,,,,locating a decent oversize carrier bolt release button is very important,,picking out accessories and modifications for your weapon is a trial and error expierience,,so good luck and take care my new M1014 brother)))))))))))))))))M1014(((((((((((((

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I think I bought my tacstar from Cabellas. It does make taking the trigger group out harder then a stock construction, but the trigger group rarely needs to be removed for cleaning. I've found that very little debris ends up on the trigger group.

It just makes it harder to clean inside of the receiver with the trigger group in place.


To install the Tacstar, you replace the pin that is captive through the receiver that holds the trigger group in place.

The tacstar supplies a new pin that is threaded at the end, and has an allen wrench slot on the right side of the weapon. A washer is supplied to keep it from rubbing against the receiver when tightening it down and harming your finish.

On the left side of the weapon, a metal plate is attached by the threaded end of the pin. This screws into the plate. Careful not to tighten this too much because it will bind up the action. A small nut is then supplied to tighten over the bolt that comes partially out of the front side of the plate. I put some loctite on this and torque it down pretty good.

The rubber outside portion that actually holds the shells is then fixed to the metal plate by 6 allen screws.

The rubber shotgun loops are easy to reload. I typically carry a bunch of extra rounds in my pocket. I speed reload from my sidesaddle, then top off when I have time from a pocket or a box. I find myself avoiding using the elastic type shell carrier on my fixed stock because it pretty much takes two hands to put shells into it.


The laser is a 12mw visible green laser from Aimshot. I built the mount out of two ARMS #22 low mount scope rings. These are 30mm rings with the 1" ARMS spacers. I then used a 10 #14 rubber o-rings to build a shock isolation foundation and to fill the space between the 1" ID of the rings, and the 7/8" OD of the laser housing.

This mount is then fixed to the Sidearmor forward rail mount.

Pilots fear this laser. tongue.gif Just kidding.

At night, you can see the beam in the air all the way to your target. But, from 5 or 10 feet from the side of you, the laser is invisible. So, only you and anyone immediately around you, or at the business end can see the beam.


No word on the M80 rail. It was supposed to be unveiled at this SHOT show, but didn't. I'm waiting for it, and the Gladius light to complete my Benelli.


I don't find the weight to be a big deal. Weight reduces preceived recoil. I blast a lot of clays with this M4, and I find it to still be very fast on a swing. Fast enough to blast pigeons going in 4 different directions.


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On some of the other accessories out there that you've mentioned. I went with a 3 point sling due to the weight of the weapon. A single point sling would not work very well IMO.

I went with a CQB sling from Specter Gear. I also got their stock side saddle carrier. I think it only works for the fixed pistol grip stock, unsure if it would fit on the collapsible model.

I removed the factory front sling loop, and used a quick disconnect sling swivel that is mounted to the Sidearmor rail.






I also went with the EOTech 552. I weighed it, the Aimpoint and the Trijicon Tripower. I liked the features of the Tripower, but hated the reticle. I prefered the EOTech reticle over the Aimpoints. I tried mounting my EOTech as far forward as possible, but I noticed I was getting a lot of wear on the mount of the EOTech. Not a lot of the locking lugs were engaged that far forward. So I seated it as far back as possible. If the M80 offers an uninterupted rail on the top, I'll move it forward again.

I have on order an EOTech quick disconnect throw lever mount from GG&G. Its been on friggin order since the beginning of January though...

I'm waiting for the oversized bolt release, and an oversized charging handle from GG&G as well. Supposidly it is going to ship by the end of this month...


Having an easily removeable optic, I plan to install trijicon night sights on it now.


I'm considering having the barrel magnaported also.


I considered getting a working collapsibe stock, but I think I'm going to stick with the fixed pistol grip.


I have plans to refinish the weaon in Rogard and NP3 at Robar when I finally complete it.


I'm weighing having some work done at Surecycle on the action and upgrading the feed tube. I may just try to get Robar to do the work instead of shipping twice.


Need the M80 railed end so I can put the vertical forward grip. Then route the laser tape switch onto the vertical grip. Then, I will mount the Gladius on the right side of the weapon with a Larue Tactical offset mount. This should put the rear button right at my support arm thumb. I'm leaning towards the Tango down forward vertical grip to save on weight opposed to using the Dieter model. I need to look at the weight differences to see if it even matters.

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Stevenb - I appreciate the help. I checked on the side armor website but could not find the quick disconnect swivel. Also, which tacstar should I get for the m1014 - tacstar makes models for ruger, winchester, etc. please let me know which model so I can purchase. Lastly, which cqb sling?


Of note, I notices on the benelli italy website the m1014 had the m3 illuminator attached to the extension tube via some kind of mount. Do you know if the m1014 will accept the m3 or m6? and with what mount?


I appeciate your comments. thanks

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The disconnect swivel is in the rifle section:



The Tacstar is the model for the Benelli M1. I guess one size fits all. No modification is needed.


The sling I got was from Specter Gear, the model is called a CQB.



I simply bought the one made for the Benelli M1 / M3. It is tricky to figure out how to install it. Expecially with the stock shell carrier.

You could use the factory sling loop if you change it so the mouth is towards the left hand side. Only issue is when cleaning you'll have a sling binding your receiver and barrel together.


Not sure about the M3 illuminator. I'd be concerned that you couldn't properly disassemble the weapon with it installed. Can't see how the barrel would slip over the lights mount. I dislike barrel clamp mount designs anyways. They have a tendancy to trash the finish on your weapon.

For you, I'd use the Sidearmor, then mout a light to it. Maybe a surefire or something.


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My suggestion,,,,do not put that G&G part on your M1014-----the factory item provided on your weapon is what is engineered for your M1014,,,,,,,,changing charging bolt handles is a Critical decision because now your messing with the actuall cycling operation of your weapon with a non factory aftermarket product-------------M1014s don't take kindly to modifications,,they do to accessories but not mods,,,beware/////M1014

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We'll see if it causes any problems. The charging handle is cheap. I spoke with someone and they said it fit.

I tend to test fire the weapon quite a bit. So I'll let you guys know if I run into any problems.

I'm curious to see if it slows down the cyclic time any.

The main thing I really need is the oversized bolt release. The stock one is way too small.

Maybe I'll find out soon?


If you think the Benelli has a lot on it now, wait until the rest of the products I want are released.



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Light, forward grip, railed forend.

Then a custom refinish, and some action work.


I got probably another 1250 or so to put into it until I can say it is done.


I have a small company idea I'm considering if I find there is enough interest in it. I'm considering putting together a Labelle AR15 magazine with a Magpul tan follower, ranger plate, silicon spring, and to top it off, have them all refinished at Robar. What would be sweet is NP3 on the inside, and Rogard on the outside.

My price goal is to be 25.00 - 27.50 plus shipping for a brand new magazine.

Probably have to do a 1000 at a time to get the individual parts down enough and still make a profit.

Can you imagine a 1000 M16 mags in your garage? :eek:


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