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SBEII questions before I buy.


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Could I buy a SBEII with a 24" barrel w/4 shot adapter with out the adapter sticking out past the barrel?


Would Magna porting the barrel effect the reliable cycling of rounds after break in?


Sorry to ask, but I broke my arm a couple of times and recoil from my old 870 is starting to hurt, to the point of being not fun. My friends say if you want a lower recoiling shot gun get a semi-auto.w/magnaporting.

so im rather confused atm on what to get and would like to ask you all if magnaporting will actually calm the kick of 3inch 1 1/2 oz loads?

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Your friends are right, but they are more than likely referring to a gas operated gun, not an inertia recoil system like the black eagle's.


Most new Black Eagle owners are suprised, if not downright disappointed, by the kick of their new shotguns.


Search this forum for the words kick or recoil and you'll find plenty of dicussion on how badly these guns kick.


Porting will only reduce recoil slightly, but it will control muzzle rise. It will also deafen hunters standing next to you.


The Beretta Xtrema2 deserves a serious look.


On a side note, go see an orthopedic surgeon about that arm and shoulder.

I muddled through with shoulder pain for years before going to specialist.

6 months after a simple procedure using the scope, I was as good as new. Made me wonder why I put it off all those years.


[ 07-12-2005, 07:45 AM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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Ditto to everything Tucker said - 'cept I've never been disappointed with the recoil on any Benelli product - my Browing Golds kick more for me.


Since the SBE does not really suit your needs physically, I'd go with the Xtrema 2.


I like the 24" Xtrema 2 in Hardwoods HD with the Kick-Off system.


mudhen - CA

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It's been said here that the SBEII is one of the competitors listed in this graph:



With that in mind, it would look like the Xtrema2 kicks less. I handled both guns last Friday after work, and man, I am still hard pressed to decide. They both shoulder well and each have features that I like. Lucky for me my funds are drained so I have time to decide. :D

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Thanks all for your advice. Its really helping me decide what shotgun Id like. I went to the local gun store and looked at both the SBE2 and the Xtrema2 and my blood pressure rised once the SBE2 was in my hands. I dont know why, perhaps its the " made in italy " logo or the little kid in me holding a new gun. /shrug


I think ill see the doc, and have them work on my arm somemore, while I heal up the SBE2 will be fast on my mind.


Once again Thanks for your advice.



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