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Slugs & choke selection for M4


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either the IC or Cyl chokes will work, I'd try some slugs through both and see which one performs best. Since you have a smooth bore you will need to use a rifled slug for smooth barrels, not a sabot slug. It's been years since I've used a slug in a smooth bore, but I always had the best luck with the Federal Classic rifled slugs, and I've heard that Federal's new Tru Ball rifled slug is supposed to be the best smooth bore slug design yet.I've also tried the Remington "slugger" and the Winchester super x slugs but never had much luck with them. Also, from what I've heard the Brenneke slugs are kind of hit or miss for reliability and accuracy. I would buy a few brands and see which one is best, the slugs that one gun likes might not be good in another gun. Also, I've found that the 2.75" 1oz slugs are the most accurate and they don't beat you up as much as the 3" 1.25oz slugs do.

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Winchester PowerPoints work well for me. I haven't done much with slugs in my m4 though, so I can't say really how they compare up to other slugs ... I just know that I hit what I am shooting at. smile.gif


As far as chokes go, the old wisdom is not to go any tighter than IC, but I have heard from multiple people that this is an old myth from days when threading and barrels were different. They say that today it doesn't matter what choke you use for slugs ... that you can use slugs through a full choke without fear of ripping the threads off and blowing the choke out the end. smile.gif

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