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Sbe 2 issues


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I have a benelli sbe2 that’s 4 years old. But not overly used. It has nothing but problems.

double feeds , fails to feed , and clicks and don’t fire.

it’s been to benelli two times and they tell me they can’t find anything wrong with it. I’m sick and tired of missing birds to the guys next to me with berettas 

I am using alll top of the line ammo. I have 4 other benellis and have zero problems with them. The bolt I always let slam closed.

I feel everytime I call customer service I get attitude. Again I don’t like bashing a company I have 5 of them. I love my super sport , my super nova all of them , I’m just pissed after today. Almost every second shot today was a “click”.  Since day one this shotgun has been giving me problems.  

my other buddy has a sbe2 as well and never takes care of it one bit and never an issue. I borrowed his for a week last time I sent mine in and it worked flawless. 

I am beyond frustrated! 

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Please PM me I could assist you with your issue.  If your SBE 2 Double feeds you have a bent Carrier Latch.  Do you have a extended magazine on it?  Will need  several other facts about the gun to work through the issue.  Please remember your issues are very minor, your gun will cycle "Like New" 




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