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How to clean/treat my synthetic stock of my Monteferlo Comfort.


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Just got myself a Benelli Monteferlo Comfort with a synthetic stock. Just took it out to the shooting range twice and on a hunting trip once. The synthetic stock seems dull and have scratches and feels a bit sticky. What would be the best way for me to restore  it to make it look nice again? Some one told me that I could wipe it with gun oil, will that not make the stock become more sticky? thanks

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If it's like several others here, there's not much you can do to remedy the sticky stock.  There seems to be a period in which the mixing/curing process of the polymer material was sub-optimal.  My remedy was to call Benelli and describe the problem.  They sent me a new stock.  Did you buy it recently as a new gun or was it used?  I would think by now newer guns would have had the problem fixed.

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Talked to Binelli warranty today and he promptly inform me all M2 20g beginning in 2007 have a sticky stock and forearm issue. Binelli will replace both pieces at no charge, but replacement will take three (3) plus months. Also, no chemical will correct the sticky surface. The problem is in the material they used to create the stock and forearm. I did come up with a temporary solution to get me thru hunting season. I covered the sticky surface with a single sheet of Kirkland (Costco) stretch-tite plastic wrap. Stretch a sheet over the surface and trim with a utility knife. You may have to replace the wrap a couple times during the season, but it does work as a quick fix.  

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