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need gunsmiths help on aluminum gun parts!


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Not a benelli question, but this is the only place I know to get good replys.



OK, so I finally got around to restoring my Glenfield 75 .22 (First gun my dad gave me, years ago!) down to the bare metal. I have removed 30 years of black paint, and rust off of this baby, and It looks fairly well. (Muric acid is bad-*** on old rusted guns!) However, what the **** am a suppost to do with this aluminum bolt body housing, and trigger guard? They're ALUMINUM for crying out loud! I polish, and the're oxidized in 1hr. back to the grey color. Is there anything I can do besides paint the gun black again? I have seen black paint on this gun since I was 3, and im sick of it. Please help,


i would like to keep the polished look, any suggestions.

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There is little/if anything you can do to prevent the metal from oxidizing. Coatings to protect it from the atmosphere are your only alternative. The cheapest and easiest is simple, spray can,"clear" laquer. This will be a temporary procedure at best, depending on use.

These parts are not 100% AL, They are an alloy combination primarily of AL and Zink. If you could glass bead the parts and then finish with laquer they would closely resemble stainless steel.


good luck...........

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