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Oh god, what have I done!!?!?!?!?


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OK, I am a newbie to the whole shotgun thing in the first place, but I have wanted one for a while so I bought a Benelli M1S90 Tactical. It has a pistol grip and rifle sights. So the first thing I did was but the 4-shot mag extension on, cause, you know, 8 is better than five right. Then I get on this board and I start reading all the legal stuff about the M4/M1014, and now I am wondering if I have done something illegal. I called my local dealer (a class III dealer) and asked them, and they said it was fine. Is this the same thing as with the M4? Should I mail the ATF?, who can give me a definitive answer?


Also, what is a good cheap round to run through this thing and allow it to cycle, just for target practice. What is the preferred defense load?


Thanks, Jeray

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a judge will or a jury of your peers. as long as your not breaking the law while using your weapon I would not worry about two many modifications. what are the chances that an ATF agent trained specifically in detecting pre 1994 weapons would be standing next to you at a range????? the laws in question are vague at the least. You know you do have rights as a citizen of this country and no matter what you read on this board until your standing in front of the man to here your fate you’ll never know what is legal or not. Every state has different laws and ways to enforce them upon the tax payer. So as long as you don’t saw the bbl down to 15inches and make it full auto then go to the 7-11 on a killing spree I wouldn’t fret two much. And as for a good defensive load I would go for some #1 buckshot in a 3” shell. That will air almost anything at a defensive range unless you want to let them run a bit then maybe go with 0 or 00 but I like the more pellets they make a more devastating permanent wound channel


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ya know,, fezman is smarter than he looks because I agree with him,,,,m4madness and dport are just spreading their paranoidism ,,,,,don't fall into that company------------enjoy your Benelli anyway you wish---------------------M1014 ;) 126672.jpg


[ 12-31-2004, 10:44 AM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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