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M2 tactical second thoughts


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First time poster and benelli owner. Finally saved enough to buy a M2 tactical.

Took it to the range with a variety of different 12ga shells with different brands of each.

Shot light dove and quail, heavier pheasant, OO buck, and slugs.  Never had a bobble 

with a single round, fired and ejected all.

That got me wondering, what does an M4 do that the M2 doesn't do?? One is inertia and one is

gas/piston (if I phrased that right), is it dependability, long term reliability, or ??? 


The local store finally got in a few M4's, which they didn't have when the M2 was available.

Would an M2 really warrant an upgrade to the M4 or should I be happy?





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I had two M2 tacticals and have an M4. They are both fantastic shotguns. My M4 is slightly more picky about ammo, but it still cycles a variety of rounds, even some inexpensive target loads. My M2s would eat anything. The M4 is a lot heavier than the M2, is battle proven and is considerably more expensive. I personally think the M2 is a great choice and I wish I still had one. 

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Having serviced and repaired the full range of tactical shotguns I agree with JT111 they are excellent and reliable guns.  The M4 is a bit more complicated to maintain and sensitive to certain loads and a lot more expensive, the M2 is great all round gun, the only part that ever required replacing was the inertia spring, the inspection standard was very tight for length, from memory the length, new, should be 2.7cm, the minimum was 2.67cm.  this was after many thousands of rounds.  I will confirm the spring specs and post confirmation later

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