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New to the forums... Questions?

Richard L. Casale

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Hey gang,


I just picked up my SuperNova Tactical (w/pistol grip) a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I have some questions about aftermarket accessories though.


I have done an extensive amount of searching for magazine extensions and for tritium night sights. I have found a few makes of magazine extensions that fit the SuperNova, but none of them match the barrel's matt finish. I'm kind of stickler for things like this so I'd like for the finishes to match. Are there any mag extensions out there that match the benelli finish?


Also, everywhere I go I see that the Benelli Tritium sights for my ghost rings are $90. I found one web site that is still Meprolight inserts and claim that they are factory parts. Is this correct? The Meprolights are selling for $78 bucks.


Lastly I'm curious about how well the TacStar 4-shot shell carrier fits on the receiver. Does it protrude out away from the top of the receiver? The SuperNova is sort of rounded on the top--which I like the look of.


Thanks for your help.

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Originally posted by Duggan:

Mag extensions - surecycle, nodakspud


Meprolight - Yes, those are the "factory" night sights.


Tacstar - check out mesa tacticals side saddles. Much better product.

Thanks for the tips, unfortunately Sure Cycle nor Nodakspud have mag extensions that fit the SuperNova Tactical.


I did see the thread about hte Mesa Tacticals Side Saddle and am very interested in this product. It's too back they didn't go with a t-mount for the stock allowing for more then 4-shells to be mounted--since there is room on the stock.

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Originally posted by Duggan:

You're right, I should probably know every single thing about a shotgun I don't own smile.gif


God, what am I THINKING.

very good duggan,your proving my point very well,,why respond to a weapon topic you don't own or know nothing about,God what where you thinking ????/you weren't,,straighten up boy tongue.gif
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