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Benelli M4, need some info.


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Hello, I'm thinking of getting a benelli m4 for my son for his 16th birthday and I would like to know a few things.


What problems have you had with it? Like gas pistons breaking or parts breaking in the gun. How reliable is it. Because I don't a gun that breaks after 50 rounds and always have to send it to the manufactuer.


How heavy does it feel when firing clay pigeons or hunting birds?


And does anyone know a gun store in California that has one in stock. I've heard that each dealer got 1-3 of them in lately. I'm gonna ask around because the stores in town don't have them because they sold the only 1 they had in at christmas or it will take over 3 months to get.


And Can you order one directly from benelli if worse come to worse?


And finally, whats the best price you paid for it?



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Your buying him the M4? ( military purpose shotgun) Can I call you dad too??


The M4 is a spectacular shotgun ( Thats why the US Marines choose it ). You are not going to have any 50 round /gun falling apart problems.


As to your question about birds and clays ? Its not really designed for that.

I think standard configuration is an 18.5 inch barrel with ghost ring sights.

The m1 or m2 is a good choice for hunting, that can also play the role of combat gun with some inexpensive furniture changes, and a mag extension.

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I will be using my 1014 for Quail. The gun is not designed for hunting birds, but what the heck, I will try it out for it. My gun has ran flawlessly. Cant tell ya about California, and I don't think you can order one directly from Benelli. There is a mint pre-owned 1014/M4 here in Texas. The new Cabella's just south of Austin has it for 1200.00.



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Regarding the availability of M4 shotguns, I just received the following email from Benelli Customer Service:


Currently all of the M-4's in production are going to the Military in Iraq. We are expecting our first US shipment for general consumers to begin within the next 90 days.

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