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Adjustable stock clone first look


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We been seeing a lot of Benelli m4 clones coming out. I was able to get my hands on the adjustable stock clone. It was about $120 or so. With that in mind you are getting a lot, a complete recoil tube with everything in it, pistol grip and the adjustable stock. Of course for $120 it will be  nowhere near the quality of a real benelli. Here’s what I found out when comparing it to my Benelli made adjustable stock . The recoil  tube appears to be aluminum whereas the m4 is I believe steel. The clone tube looks to be a bit longer , I’m didn’t test it but I think the clone tube would fit the m4 , I think that because the locking nut from the clone fits the m4 tube.The clone is almost entirely made out of plastic where as the benelli is mostly metal. The clone pistol grip is almost an exact copy however it will not fit securely on a m4 as it has a gap from the grip to the trigger housing. The adjustment latch is all plastic and has two arms that push a metal bar up to adjust the length, I’ve noticed this is a weak design and when I took out the bar I can see the plastic is already deforming (see pic) I wouldn’t trust it to last a long time .  If you’re planning to put this on your Benelli m4, don’t . You would be better of with whatever Benelli stock you have on now. This clone stock belongs on a clone. 







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