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Nova recoil


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I'm new to shotguns - this Nova pump 12 guage is my first. The recoil is brutal! Is this the nature of the beast, or is this characteristic of the Nova? What's the cure - pushups? I could get one of those gell butt pads, but that seems so ... well ... girly. I'm holding the gun good & tight to my shoulder, so the butt isn't slamming into me, but MAN it's still tough on the shoulder!

Any advice?

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Lightweight shotguns deliver more felt recoil than do heavier guns.

Pump shotguns deliver more felt recoil than do gas operated guns.


The Nova is a lightweight pump shotgun.


There are several options.


Shoot lighter loads at trap/skeet/small game.

Install the mercury recoil reducer .

Install a better recoil pad like a Limbsaver.

Use a shoulder-mounted shield like PAST


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