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  1. Most any firearm will make somewhat odd sounds during the break-in period, which I suggest you enhance with a thorough cleaning before doing too much shooting.
  2. After adding a Limbsaver #10402 to the Nova, plus Mercury Filled Recoil Reduction Kit to the rear stock, and a 2nd Mercury Filled Recoil Reducer in the forend (takes the place of the hunting plug), my 3 1/2" camo Nova shoots like a dream.
  3. Getting great results with a Benelli Nova pump and HS Strut Undertaker .665 and .675 turkey chokes (only $19.99) shooting Winchester Supreme High Velocity 3 1/2" shells (2-oz. #5 shot). IMHO: The Rhino chokes at $99 and the $39 Primos Jelly Head chokes are probably a little better; budget minded shooters should give the Undertaker a hard look. Steve P.S. Also bought .675 and .700 Undertakers for waterfowl.
  4. ....and www.HeviShot.com and Remington both state on their website FAQ's that the best / tightest patterns with Hevi-Shot come from .675 extended chokes.
  5. HS Strut's Extended Undertaker Turkey Chokes come in .655 and .665 constrictions. I just bought the following from them: * Turkey - .665 * Waterfowl - .675 and .700
  6. Stoeger Condor and Benelli Nova pump would fill the bill very nicely.
  7. 147 Grain

    Limbsaver Pad

    Just put a Limbsaver 10402 on a new Nova pump and it does indeed make a difference.
  8. Phone number for Briley? And will their Sporting Clay extended tubes handle Hevi Shot?
  9. What choke were you using for these pattern tests?
  10. IMHO: The Stoeger 2000 is a well kept secret and the best semi-auto on the market for the dollar. Mine has been 100% reliable and a joy to shoot.
  11. Will any of Benelli or Beretta's stock shims fit a Stoeger 2000?
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