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Looking For Benelli M4 Field Stock


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Does anyone have a Benelli M4 field stock they would be willing to trade for my OEM Pistol grip stock (non-collapsible) or selling it to me?

The first thing I bought for my M4 (5 years ago) was a collapsible stock. And I love it and would never get rid of it. However, I sometimes want to take my M4 to my local sporting clays just for fun (I know its not the ideal shotgun), but the place does not allow pistol grips or collapsible stocks. If I had an M4 field stock that I can just throw on whenever I want to shoot clays, that'd be awesome, but I can't seem to find them anywhere online.

So Yeah, if anyone can sell me one (or trade for my not collapsible pistol grip stock), that would be awesome. Thanks!

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