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Am I being too critical?


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I just received a new A&S trigger housing.  The anodizing looked a little weird but not a huge deal.

Upon further inspection I noticed the visible area of the housing has several tooling marks on it. 

I don’t think it’s horrible but I was a little disappointed.  Am I being too critical here?  




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6 hours ago, Doge said:

I would return it.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation.  I hate to be that guy but usually their stuff is pretty clean.  I looked at an OEM M4 aluminum housing and the areas that are visible when installed are smooth everywhere.

The other side of this A&S has a little bit but not as much as this side.

I guess I’ll reach out to them and see what the exchange process is like.  In the photo it actually looks a little better because I wiped some oil on it first to see if it was “just me”.

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6 minutes ago, dmschwartzii said:

That looks like battered dog crap compared to the one I got

I have another one and it's like buttah.  This one surprised me a little.  They just came off back order a day after I placed my order. Hopefully, it's just an example of one that slipped by.  They seem like good guys that take pride in what they do.  Usually, their stuff is top notch.

The area that's not visible when installed is no big deal but outside of the loading ramp area there are a few chatter marks.  The anodizing seems a little speckled too but I can live with that.



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5 minutes ago, dmschwartzii said:

You really need to follow up and let us know what they do

Will do.  I sent them a couple photos with an quick note.  I'm just looking for an exchange.  I'm sure they'll make it right.

I tend to be ultra finicky when it comes to my stuff.  That's why I wanted to check with the group first to make sure I wasn't being too picky.

I'm not looking to spew venom towards A&S.  I love what they do! 

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