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Anyone tried one of these?


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So these speed loaders look pretty cool. I guess they're a tube that holds four shells with a little plunger-handle with which you can force the shells into the magazine. Check it out here and here. From the video it looks like it can be a bit tricky to use, and if you mess up shells go everywhere! :eek: I'm specifically interested in using one with an M1014.


Also, while I'm at it, I noticed that the shell retaining lever that keeps the shells held in the magazine is a bit stiff--I've really got to push to get the shells in! Is this how it's supposed to be?


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The retaining lever seems to be stiff on all Benelli's On my new M2 it is really tough to push the shells in and very difficult to get them out. I have seen others say they eject all their shells one- by- one as opposed to pulling them out of the magazine tube.

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