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Am I missing the long distance picture here?

E Roberts

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I had to share this info with you all!

We had a guest down to hunt with us this past Friday afternoon. After we set up our 6 xlanders and decoy spread, we were chatting while waiting for the geese to fly. The topic drifted towards chokes of choice for steel shot. Our guest who happens to be a field rep for a major call company tells us all that he's been shooting an Extra Full turkey choke with 3.5" steel loads for the past 3 seasons, and I was in disbelief. We talked about how much chamber pressures that would develop from some a constriction, and this dude just laughs, that hey if it bulges the barrel, I just purchase another one. I'm thinkng, maybe you should just go about 100 yards away from us incase that Charles Daley decides to go for the great barrel bulging dillema today..

This guy says that he can knockem down out to 50yards with no problem. It sure left me scratching my head in disbelief that someone could be so carefree and nonshelant about this topic..

How does this forum respond to this, as I'm going to email it to him


Thanx in advance



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it's not the first time I'm heard of it

I guess it's along the same lines as exceeding max loads in reloading manuals

there's a general guideline there for liability reasons (many believe), so many will step over that line to get improved performance

although I haven't tried it with the steel shot and full choke act, I will admit to be "one of the fools" to regularly exceed max loads when reloading

I also know many that shoot shotgun slugs through full and/or modded chokes without problems

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My personal opinion is that there's a "cover your butt" factor involved. Once the lawyers got involved, everything gets scaled back to ludicrously "safe" levels. a.k.a. the 8lb trigger pulls, etc, etc. Take a look at old reloading manuals ... they listed hotter loads than the new ones ... lawyers again. The old loads worked fine for a half century, but to pacify the bottom feeders ....


So, in a sound, modern barrel I personally wouldn't hesitate to use a more constricted choke ... if it patterned better.

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I won't be taking the chance to see if and when it'll bulge the barrel of my SBEII, only to have learned an $800 lesson.

The thought of a shell that got wet this fall in the bottom of the boat, and then to shoot that solid mass of steel next fall....ugly

I'll stick with my meger mod choke, and hope for the best.


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