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FS J-Kenny 2 piece shell latch with round Toni System bolt release button


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For sale J-Kenny 2 piece shell latch.  This was test fit in my M4 and functioned as it should.  The spring did not bind in the receiver hole, everything worked smoothly.  Not used with live fire at all.  Basically new.  The latch comes with button-spring and M4 screw. (you will reuse your existing shell latch spring and button, per J-Kenny)  This latch is CNC machined and the threaded post for the button is all one piece with the latch.  It's not pressed in like the Benelli OEM latch.  This makes it uber strong and the post/shaft is never going to separate or break off the shell latch.

With this shell latch you need a button that uses a M4 screw/bolt.  I found the Toni System button and it fits seamlessly.  This may be the same button that Benelli is using in their new fancy M4's that have started popping up.  This button is made in Italy by Toni System and comes with it's own M4 screw/bolt.

$135.00 shipped.  PP Friends and Fam or Venmo...  I'll also accept postal money order as well.




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While it does make loading a bit smoother/easier, I decided to forgo it for the FFT bolt release button.  I basically gave up some loading ease for cosmetics. 

To my delight the spring didn't hang up on the receiver.  I thought it was going to be a tight fit but everything worked well.  I cycled dummy rounds through it 2x - loaded the mag tube full each time.  No malfunctions.

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