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M2 Tactical Ammo Recommendation


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I just purchased my M2 Tactical which is my first shotgun! I am going to be taking a weekend course which requires 300 rounds.  Do you all have any recommendations for ammo that will not thrash my shoulder around too much with 300 rounds in a weekend?  Thanks in advance!!

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1425 fps is a tad on the spicy side, so you might feel it if you don't hold the gun properly to manage recoil. For comparison, 9 pellet Federal FliteControl 00 Buck is 1145 fps, so quite a bit softer, though at ~$2/round, that would be a hell of a flex. You can find stuff like this: https://www.sgammo.com/product/12-gauge-ammo/250-round-case-12-gauge-275-inch-00-buckshot-9-pellet-spartan-ammunition-sa120 or https://armoryfarm.com/product/venom-12-ga-00-buck-2-75-9-pellets-2-cases-600-rounds/, and I think both of those clock in at ~1325 fps, so a bit softer, but I haven't shot either.

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2 hours ago, StreetSweeper56 said:

Your 1st shotgun and you're shooting 300 rounds in 2 days? That's awesome! For real, be sure and get a pic of your shoulder Monday, it'll be a wonderful keepsake.

Haha yeah.  I'll post a shoulder pic on here for sure lol. 

The course recommends 00 buckshot, but they also said birdshot is fine for most exercises.  Thanks everyone for the suggestions!  I'll likely grab the Spartan SA1200 posted, but I couldn't find a weight listed.  Happy holidays everyone!

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