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Piece missing from inside M2 receiver?

Kyle F

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I took my 4 year old m2 apart this afternoon after a duck and noticed some orange inside the receiver that immediately caught my eye. It isn’t rust and looks as though a small piece of metal should sit there. I couldn’t find any pictures online to compare it to and see what should be there. Does anyone know? It doesn’t impact the action at all and doesn’t seem like a critical component. I take good care of the gun so I would’ve noticed this before. Pictures below. 7FCEAD8B-05BF-455B-9AEC-C08BD4E1C34E.thumb.jpeg.0ee301eb16eeccd4b25289ffa43a7037.jpegAC32A85C-791F-44D1-B771-72D7046A6427.thumb.jpeg.c452e0cf55510a1523f5eb158a2f3547.jpeg

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In looking at the parts schematic for the M2, it does not look like there is anything in the receiver aside from the pivot pin for the carrier latch.  Sort of looks like an unburnt flake of powder stuck in the divot. 

That is a left hand M2 isn't it?  That may be the hole for the carrier latch pivot pin to come out if if it is removed and a powder flake got stuck in there or some other piece of debris.  Isn't the carrier latch button on the right side of the receiver?  Try flushing it out with a spray or scrub it with a tooth brush to remove it.

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