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SBE questions (slug and model info)


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I recently ordered a slug barrel and modified forearm for my SBE. I know I'll need to try some to find out what shoots best in it, but does anyone have any recommendations for a 3" factory load (or several) for these?


Also, when (what year) did they start putting the big oversized safety on the SBE? I was just wanting to get an idea on the years so when I was looking I'd know.


One last thing, a friend that lives in Denmark says he bought a light load spring kit for his SBE to shoot 7/8 oz light loads and even showed me the link to the foriegn (language) website that mentioned it. Is this available in the U.S.?


Thanks smile.gif

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A couple good 3" offerings are Federals 1oz. Premium Barnes and Hydra-Shok sabots. Remingtons 1oz. Copper Solid sabot. winchesters 1oz. High-Impact sabot


Take a look at Remingtons 2-3/4", 7/8oz. Core-Lokt sabot ... it's flying @400fps over the others mentioned above and down range energy is roughly 100lbs better. Same bullet concept as their Rifle Core-Lokt ammo. Winchester has a partition gold at roughly the same #'s


I'm not sure on the safety and the spring.


hope this helps - Good Luck.


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Yeah, I've had the SBE since '94 and for a while it would ONLY cycle quality heavy loads (like Winchester AA's), but now I can shoot cheap heavy loads too and it functions nearly 100%. If I drop in 7/8 oz loads, the cycle rate drops to probably maybe 60%. As quick as these are to change I'd be interested in it just for skeet use.


I'll check out the different suggested loads when i get the slug barrel and forearm in. I'll be using the open sights on mine. That suprises me that a 2 3/4" load would have better specs than the 3" load. I just wanted an idea of what to try first when I head to the range when I get it.


Any ideas on the dates of when they switched from the small round safety to the oversized version?


Thanks! smile.gif

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I have also been using 2 3/4" slug loads in my SBE. I purchased my SBE in 2000 and originally shot the 2 3/4" Winchester Partitions through it. I was getting 3" groups @ 100 yards with those loads. I then tried out the Federal Barnes Expander 2 3/4" with the 3/4oz slug. I was able to get 2" groups at 100 yards with the Federals. The only round I have not shot through my SBE is the new Remington Core-Lokt slugs. I'll do that sometime between now and the next shotgun season.


I have always liked the 2 3/4" slug rounds because they generally have a flatter trajector than the 3" rounds. That is because, even though the 3" slugs have more propellant, they generally have a heavier payload, which does not travel quite as fast as 2 3/4" slugs. Go to each manufacturers website to find out what the ballistics are for each slug. Generally, the 3" slugs will have more knockdown power. But, I have been very happy with the Federal 2 3/4" w/ 3/4oz slugs, which I think have plenty of knockdown power and has allowed me to harvest six deer in two years with my SBE and the Federal combination.


I also second the advice of purchasing all brands of slugs that you can get your hands on, and find out which slug gives you the best accuracy. The slug that gives you the best accuracy (2 3/4" or 3") is the slug I would use. Afterall, all the knockdown power in the world won't do any good if you cannot hit your target ; )



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My SBE has the ER-Shaw barrel on it and it shoots 1" with the Federal Sabots (BRI style). it will not group the remingtons, Hornady's, or the Lightfields at all. it will be decided at the range for your particular gun/load combo to be accurate. The Federal Barnes expanders and Winchester's are next on my testing list

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I originally had an E.R. Shaw barrel for mine but sold it without ever firing it because they didn't have open sights and my 'smith didn't recommend putting them on that thin barrel. I don't want a scope on mine right now for the close-in whitetail hunting I intend to do with it.


When the slug barrel comes in I've got a few suggestions to try out. Thanks again! smile.gif

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