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WTS: Benelli M1014 w/carrier comp tube and upgrades in Nashville TN


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WTS: Benelli M1014 M4 w/flag. Good shape, some marks from use and the safe. Includes:

- Carrier comp titanium tube w/finish that matches the gun

- Factory 3 position stock tube, installed by Stangerdanger (so you know it was done right!)

- Freedom Fighter Tactical hammer/dis-connector, lots of the factory trigger group parts were coated in NP3, all work done by Strangerdanger

- Factory 5 round mag tube with unknown make +2/spring included

- Copy of USMC M1014 field manual

Only looking to sell FTF in Nashville. I'm stationed in Germany and home for a few days to visit family, if this doesn't sell, back in the safe it goes. No trades at this time.

I'm not desperate to sell and NOT interested in parting the gun out or selling anything separately. $2300, please send an email if you have questions, thanks!

















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4 hours ago, brightt said:

its a nice M4, pretty much ready to go, although I dont mind scratches, you might have better luck with closer to 2k with those kind of wear marks in todays market! 

Thanks for your insight, happy to consider offers. 

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1 hour ago, Blue Ridge said:

If you look around the 1911 Addicts "sold" classifieds, you can see some that recently sold (including my own). I think 2K sounds about right for this shotgun considering what I've seen go there around year's end to now.

Thanks Blue Ridge, as mentioned, I'm happy to consider offers.

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