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WTB SBE 1 or 2 barrel


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Wanting to buy a used barrel for my SBE. I know a sbe2 barrel will fit because I currently use one. I had to fit the forend grip a little, but it works flawless.

Your barrel can be beat up, rusty, million rounds through it. Doesn't matter. Just not looking to spend $600 for a new barrel.  

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Just a suggestion (take it or leave it). I'd suggest sticking with the same type as your existing unless your old barrel is no good anymore. I've tried going back and forth between the low rib of SBE1 and the higher rib of SBE2 barrels and it throws me off every time for a bit. You already know about the recoil lug difference, but as you can see from the picture of mine below, the ribs vary too. You may also want to match the type of chokes you have as well. The early SBE1 chokes had the treads at the muzzle. The later Crio versions had the threads ~3/4" from muzzle. My 26" SBE II barrel (2nd from top), is actually a transitional model. It uses the earlier Mobil chokes, but has the high rib and longer recoil lug of the later ones that usually have the Crio chokes.


Benelli's are not cheap guns, nor are their barrels. However, if you are patient and you watch, you can occasionally find them for a good price. Still, that is going to be $400+ for the SBE's. I have found better deals for M1 barrels with the shorter chamber.

Here's a search you can save (if you have a GB account) so it can either send you new listings, or make it a quick one-click search to find them. This one is looking for Benelli SBE shotgun barrels: https://www.gunbroker.com/Shotgun-Barrels/search?Keywords=benelli sbe&Sort=13&PageSize=48

This one is for Benelli Super Black Eagle shotgun barrels: https://www.gunbroker.com/Shotgun-Barrels/search?Keywords=benelli super black eagle&Sort=13&PageSize=48

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I'll work those additional avenues.  


I know a sbe2 barrel will work because i currently use one. Will an M1 or M2 barrel fit my sbe? It doesn't look like it in the online photos. I know the bolts and carrier and other parts are interchangeable between sbe and M2.  

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No, the others won't fit. Even a regular "Black Eagle" (non-super) won't work due to its 3" only chamber. Even if the length of chamber were the same, they are of different design anyway. The M1/M2's go INSIDE the receiver whereas the SBE barrel makes up the top portion of the receiver with nothing covering it. I only mentioned it previously because they are both cheaper, and regarding the SBE I barrel, easier to find.

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