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Shell catch - hard/stiff to load M1014


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Just to revisit and touch base on the J. Kenny latch....  all is not well. Work has conspired to keep me from actually firing the thing with it in, but loading it I've noticed an inconsistency in the feel. Looking into that is when I realized it was malfunctioning with dummy shells, not releasing them when the gun "fired". I released it's because the latch isn't seating flush against the frame like it should, it's hanging up a good deal of the time. Still haven't had a chance to look into it in depth, but since I was posting other nonsense, I figured I'd better reel back in my prior good comments about the part, at least for now.

So at the moment I'm 0 and 2 on J.Kenny parts working. But unlike the other, I should be able to get this sorted.  

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So instead of doing what I should have been doing, I messed with it instead. It seems to be working fine now. But in typical fashion for me I did several things at once so I'm not entirely sure which one solved the problem.

Swapping springs didn't help.

So I slightly polished the end of it to interacts with the drop lever. Polished one spot on the side that had a tiny bur. Slightly rounded/tapered/polished the sharp edges on the back side where the spring sits.

Also tightened the "flapper" spring. When I was first putting it together when I got it, I was having trouble getting the screw lined up and in. With this I found the hole I'd enlarged in my button was too tight, the screw bottomed out and wouldn't turn. But I thought "Heck I'll just turn the button the rest of the way." What I didn't realize was the button wasn't slipping against the spring ends, it was turning the spring clock wise, expanding it. Making it too large for the hole in the frame. I tightened it up, but I guess not enough. It still rubbed a little. So I tightened it up some more while it was out. I don't think however that this was the issue with the shells not releasing from the magazine when the hammer dropped.

I'm hoping monday I'll get to run a few live rounds through it.

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For anyone thinking about one, the TTI Extended Carrier (https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/tti-benelli-accuguide-extended-carrier/) I installed has made loading a lot easier for me.

However, unloading - especially the last shell or two - every morning after having the gun ready for HD at night, by trying to press that stupid, tiny, well-hidden Shell Retaining Lever continues to be a PITAxe. This is regardless of the OEM or an Aftermarket Carrier, and regardless of the OEM or an Aftermarket Spring. I've tried various combinations, and a quick Google search will show I'm not alone with this problem.

No, it's not an issue at the range where I rarely unload the gun, and there are alternative ways to unload the the last shell or two at home, but IMO, this is just a lousy design.

I still like the gun - which is good because the alternatives still come in a distant second - but it's not without its quirks and shortcomings - like anything else I suppose.

Any thoughts/workarounds/aftermarket options/bend this/polish that suggestions?

Does it work better with time?



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