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Help in Choosing Next SG

Cella's Dad

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I am very partial to Benelli, hence my finding this site, and I am looking at buying a new single purpose shotgun for home protection.


I hunt with my Nova, M1Super90, and SBE - and had nothing but fun and good times with them. A couple of years ago I was given a Remington Marine Magnum as part of a trade (18" Nickle-coated, 6+1 cyl-choke). Shot it twice for fun - it worked fine.


Here I am looking at a home protection gun and thinking I already have this Remington - but then I thought to get the Nova Tactical for two reasons. First, its manual-of-arms is exactly that of my hunting Nova, and two, the I like the magazine cut-off (which the 870 lacks). Also, that Marine Magnum 870 is "bright", it is matte nickle, but still nickle.


I am getting a Nova but am wondering if I am making too big a deal of the finish and magazine extention. Someone knock me off the fence here.


Thanks for all your advice and comments.


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If you actually have to shoot someone in a home defense situation the last thing you will be worrying about is the magazine cuttoff.

As for the finish, the bright finish of the 870 will look less "tactical" to the jury when you are in court trying to defend yourself amongst your California peers who will be trying to put you away for life.

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