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Looking for guidance on SuperNova accessories


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I just purchased my very first shotgun, SuperNova Tactical, mine came with the ghost ring sights.  I know that Mesa Tactical has a couple of accessories for it, stocks and the shell carrier with a rail.  I was thinking of getting low profile offset rail for a light to put on top of that Mesa carrier rail, and hopefully it won't get in the way of the ghost ring line of sight.  Also I am looking for a mag extension that will not extend past the muzzle, but not sure what brand to get.  Apparently manual says that magazine extension tube kits are available upon request, and there are mentions of at least a couple of extension kits, but nothing on Benelli site. 

I am sure some people here have experience with all these accessories, so I wanted to ask for an advice, thanks!

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I  have the GGGAZ +2 Extension on my Supernova. It extends past the muzzle by about maybe 1/2 an inch or so. I guess the Carlson and others extend further, but I only heard that anecdotally, haven't actually seen it myself. If you're dead set on not going past the muzzle, I think you have to stick with a +1 extension.

Here's what my SuperNova looks like:

The extension:



There's the Mesa Tactical Side Saddle with the rail:

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I have had three different length Nordic tubes on my SuperNova. One was close to flush but at the moment I can't remember what the "plus" was. Maybe two?  It was a Nordic Components. I don't have any pics of it. I've had two others on it as well, both NC's, one was a little longer, one a good deal. I can strongly recommend Nordic Components parts, but their tubes in certain lengths seem to be in short supply at the moment.





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