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M2 jamming


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The M2 has a rear spring that IMO is a bit soft, secondly as noted recoil spring tolerances,  vary from gun to gun, wish they were better.  With that I replace M2 recoil springs in most cases with a Wolff OEM power spring, and have had improved performance and less tolerance variation from spring to spring.  

Your photo which is nice does not provide details such as: is this a new shell going forward or the old shell not ejecting.

Underestimating the importance of shouldering a inertia recoil gun is quite often a difficult conversation with gun owners, it in many cases evokes a responses that discounts, minimizes and deflects its importance in core cycling issues.

Please let me know if I can help.

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Looks REALLY well used for two years. Did you shoot the hell out of it or buy it used?

If it's not ammo related, and not over lubed (heavy oil or grease), I'd throw a new inertia spring in it because it's a cheap simple thing to try and if it's got an unknown number of rounds on it, it couldn't hurt.

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