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SBE3 issue


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I am very disappointed in your Benelli SBE3. On a guided hunt my first shot at a duck the gun separated in my hands. I was dead in the water for the rest of the day and was out the hunt and part $$$. Really ruined my day! Turns out the aluminum tube in the butt made of aluminum, threads stripped out from the steel stud that's screwed into it. Very poor design on your part. Called your support and they said I could send it in, but I am scheduled to hunt 2 more times this week and who knows when I will ever get my gun back? I found a stainless-steel replacement that I received in 5 days that was recommended to me and now I am back in business, The action has a very powerful response as well that is better than before. My gun is only 4 years old and not used much. Now I am out $200 for the part that should have been in its design begin with. Talking with my friends that are members of clubs that I know telling them what happened to me, I have now heard of 4 other same circumstances. I purchased your gun because of your reputation and the quality of it, and this was not what I expected. In any case can you look at changing the design of that portion to stainless steel in the future. The part I purchased had a housing tube, Spring, pin. and stud all stainless so it will not do this ever again in my opinion.

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Was the recoil spring tube ever removed from the gun previously?  The aluminum recoil spring tube is a 21MM design which has been used in the SBE 1 original design USA version, most if not all H&K SBE 1's used a 19 MM design,  all versions  are locktite in place.  If you had the recoil spring replaced at some point it was more than likely done improperly.

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I wonder if you have the answer to this question? I see that the Montefeltro has been upgraded. But I don’t see if they’re going to make a left-handed model. Do you have any insight or knowledge if Benelli is going to make a left-handed Montefeltro in the future?

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