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Refinishing/touching up black m2


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I'm eyeing a used m2 field at my LGS and there's a couple of bare spots on the barrel. The warranty only applies to the first owner. I'm having a hard time searching this website so if there's already a post about this please redirect me. But I'd like to touch up/refinish the barrel and have it look "close to stock." I'd prefer cheaper and available to do at home. The spots are more like specs with no rust visible but I'm a little paranoid. Does anyone have experience with a DIY solution? The used m2 is already a little expensive for me so sending it to a gunsmith to refinish it is not exactly my preferred solution.

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Another thought... If it is only on the barrel and the gun is a good deal, then get it and keep it lightly oiled and protected. You can always get it completely refinished later. Worst case scenario, they still sell those barrels (though not cheap). Depending on how and how often you use the gun, often those don't end up mattering. For me, my collectibles must be flawless, but my hunting and sporting guns inevitably end up with marks no matter how careful I try to be. I finally just had to accept that.

You may end up getting the gun and loving it, but wish you had a different length barrel so then you could swap them out for a little difference in cost; maybe a couple hundred bucks tops.

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