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R1 .308 with collapsible stock UPDATE


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Hello again, sorry if I am doing this wrong in submitting a new topic instead of responding to the old one.

I have followed through with the R1 to M4 stock conversion. The Pistol Grip Stock #81040 and Collapsible Stock #70085 are interchangeable with minor cuts. The Benelli MR1 Pistol Grip Stock #81349 may not need to be trimmed, as the piece that needs to be trimmed from the M4 is not there.

You will need to buy 3 position tube but I went with and prefer RXARMS 6 position tube. Shot out to RXARMS for making awesome products. Also, the internals need to be purchased except for the M4 Recoil Spring Plunger #70046, you can use the one that comes from the R1. Maybe the Recoil Spring but the size of the R1 and M4 tubes are different lengths so I just purchased one to be safe. Besides the tube and spring, you will need parts #70044, #70071 and #70075.

The R1 Recoil Tube had a hole on one side at the end of the tube. This is where the bolt and not was threaded on so the ComforTech Stock was tightened down with a nut (unfortunately I don't know where this piece went to take a picture of). A hole was drilled on the other side to get the tube off the lower receiver, this was a pain in the ass and will need heat without melting anything.

It shoots perfectly fine as I put 100 rounds through it already with no issues.



Pistol Grip Comparison.jpg

Pistol Grip Trimming.jpg

R1 Recoil Tube drilled hole.jpg

Recoil Tube Comparison.jpg

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