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Benelli M4 (11707) 922R compliance


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Hey guys. I'm looking at getting an M4 and have a few questions. I've read about the 922R compliance and it seems that in order for me to have a collapsible or foldable stock, i'd need to change four parts to be in compliance. Here's what I'd like to do to the gun after receipt and was wondering what four parts I should/you would change and with what? I'd like to keep factory benelli as much as possible.


-7 round benelli factory magazine tube

-I'd like the collapsible stock like on the M1014 (does anybody have a part number or a similar product I can buy)

-Flashlight mount, i was looking at IWC.


That's about it. Not looking to modify much.

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If your goal is to keep it as close to factory as possible, I'd go with:

-Magazine follower (Cheap and easy to install, a number of different companies make aluminum followers. They're mostly all the same, so pick whatever.)

-Handguard (FFT has a US made replacement that looks identical to the standard OEM one. Not sure if anyone else makes one.)

-7 round magazine tube (I don't believe you can use a factory Benelli one and have it count towards 922R compliance, since it's a non-US part. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong here. With that said, you have a number of other options. I went with Carrier Comp. The wait time can be a bit long, but the quality of the work is outstanding. Came with a compliant magazine follower as well, which was nice. Just installed it a few days ago. Took about 20 minutes.)

-Trigger Guard (A&S makes a nice aluminum trigger guard.)

There are other options, but this keeps the overall stock look mostly intact and requires minimum work.

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Does the magazine tube have the ability to cause malfunctions (meaning… do companies actually get this part wrong dimetionslly?) I saw FFT makes one as well. My goal is to keep it as close to factory as far as function and reliability as possible. If it were my choice I’d run a benelli 7 round tube and the benelli collapsible stock and call it a day. 

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I've never heard of any issues from metal magazine tubes made by trusted sources (FFT, Daves Metal Works, Carrier Comp), at least not from anyone on this forum. I wouldn't worry about it if I bought one from a reputable manufacturer. If nothing else, I can say that the Carrier Comp tube I bought fit perfectly and hasn't caused any malfunctions.

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The only magazine tube that i ever heard having issues/causing malfunctions was the briley carbon fiber tubes. Something about the magazine spring getting hung up on the transition from metal end to carbon fiber tube. Stranger danger, a user here, posted about it. 

other made parts (other than what was already mentioned above) are charging handle and trigger parts like the hammer, etc. if u do a search here there are plenty of threads regarding things people have done. Good luck. 

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