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Broken SBE - help please


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HOLY CRAP, nice high quality equipment eh. :D


He wants to know where they go, I can't explain that, I can't even explain how bad I am at explaining things.


tell him I can't give him step-by-step instructions but what he can do is look at the parts list that came with the gun that shows where every single last miniscule part goes. using that he can "jerry rig" it back together, or call a gunsmith, tucker, repairman, etc.


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Easy fix - but I'm not going to register just to reply.

I can replace a Benelli ejector in 5 minutes tops.


Crappy design fixed by Benelli around 1998.


The screws do not appear sheared off - it looks like they just backed out after the Locktite gave up.


The screws are .5 Allen - I use Locktite blue - nothing appears broken (yet).


All of those parts are steel - the case and plate - so there is no concern about aluminum not holding up.


I would clean all the parts off - dig the crap out of the screw heads - check for any cracks or wear that might warrant buying a new part from www.brownells.com - and reassemble using Locktite blue on the screws.


Buying all new parts from Brownells is not a bad option either - $82.05 for all new parts.


Sending back to Benelli is not a bad option either - I did in 1999 and they updated the ejector assembly and added screwdriver cutouts to make the repair/maintenance much easier.


I averaged about 7,000 rounds per ejector repair - all waterfowl loads.


mudhen - CA

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