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Just some good info needed


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Some may think I'm crazy to consider a Benelli as my first gun. I intend to hunt deer, turkey and geese. I've only hunted deer with crossbow. I've read this forum that SBE or M1 would do the trick. I still have some basic questions:

- I assume I have to change the barrel for shooting (rifling) slugs for deer. Does anyone know the cost for the seperate barrel and is it a job which can be done safely.

- Looks like both SBE and M1 comes with 5 chokes but not the turkey choke?

- Finally, is the SBE just an overkill for the 1st gun. My only rational is that I wanted 1 multi-purpose gun without any headache (from a used gun).

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It can absolutely done safely and very easily, the barrels seem to be in short supply since I had one on order for 4 months then finally cancelled the order. They run upwards of $400 so they ain't cheap. Another few ideas is a rifled choke which won't be as accurate as the barrel, but it does work. You can also shoot sabot shells through the open (cylinder) choke for decent accuracy out to 50 yards or more.


The SBE is actually the PERFECT starter gun if you are sure you will stay into the shooting/hunting sports. I bought mine in '94 and used to own a lot of shotguns, now I only have the SBE and a Remington .410 (and I'd buy a Benelli if they made 'em in .410).


Many times the standard full choke will work fine for turkeys. I think I averaged 2 more pellets in the kill zone on a turkey target at 35 yards with an extended extra full turkey choke than I did with the factory full (I don't think the $75 that I paid for the extra full was worth it).

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