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SS Carbon Fiber Stock ???


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Can anyone tell me, for a fact, what the SS stock is made of? I have heard several stories.

That it is painted onto the syn. stock.

That it is painted onto a wood stock. (don't really believe that one) :rolleyes:

That it is applied similar to the camo finishes.

That it is actually a very thin layer of real carbon fiber laminated to a syn. stock.


I have called Benelli CS and asked. They say it is "Carbon Fiber". I can't get anything more specific than that. Whether they don't have the knowledge to share or what, I'm not convinced. :confused:

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Nelli Girl works for Benelli - I'm presuming she would know.


The Franchi Raptor comes in green CF and it scratches off if you really want it to.


The DuraTouch from Win/Browning is also a dipped decal of sorts and scratches if you want it to.


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by bwana1:

How can they say its carbon fiber if it not??????????????

That's what I said. I was about to order one as a replacement part for my 712 Raptor, untill I found out it was just a synth stock with a dip job. :mad:


Pretty cheese dick manuver on Benelli's & Franchi's part. :confused:



Hey Nelli Girl, tell them that if they make a real one we will buy it.


The voice said: "If you build it, they will come."


[ 07-25-2005, 09:43 AM: Message edited by: Jon Ramsey ]

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