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Where did this spring come from?


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I am getting ready to take my SBE to Mexico on a dove hunt and took the gun apart, took the plug out and was generally giving it a good cleaning. When I put it back together, I heard a rattle and opened the chamber and found a small, cone shaped spring loose inside. The spring is @ 3/4" wide at the base, narrowing to 1/4" at the other end, and a 3/4" long. I have carefully looked through all the photos and diagrams in the manual and cannot find any such cone shaped spring anywhere. I have not had an opportunity to go to the range, but the gun feeds and ejects shells okay when operating the slide manually. I have owned this gun for over 10 years and have taken it down and reassembled it many times without problem but I do not ever recall seeing this spring before and cannot figure out where it came from. Could it have something to do with the plug or magazine follower? I don't want to get to Mexico and find out it is not working. Thanks.

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I do not own this gun, but that spring either magicaly self replicated or it is the Shell Stop Spring. That is the only spring in almost all shot guns that is cone shaped. It goes just inside the Receiver assembly; it is between the inside wall and the Shell Stop. It makes the Shell Stop act like a teeter toter. Hope thats it. Good luck.

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