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Barrels for M2 Tactical- Barrels other than Stock are there any?

M2 Tactical

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Originally posted by M2 Tactical:

I shold have bought a Remington.

Not so quick young man.


Anycase, you can buy the barrels for the M2 field as spare parts, and interchange them with the barrels on the M2 tactical. For example, the 28" barrel (non-camo) is part number 81250 and costs $380. Rumor has it (confirmed by gun shop) that spare barrels are rarely in stock in the US, and you have to wait for them to come from Italy, which tends to take 8 to 12 weeks. Call Benelli USA to find out whether they have the long barrels in stock.


Warning: Some of the M2 tactical sights are mounted on the receiver! I think the ghost ring rear sights are on the receiver, while the rifle sights are on the short barrel (but I may have that backwards). And the sights are not easy to remove from the receiver. So if you start with a M2 tactical, make sure you get the configuration which can easily be changed into a field/clay gun without leaving half the sight on the receiver; if you start with a M2 field, make sure you get the tactical barrel that has both halves of the sight on it.


Speaking of Remingtons: To some extent, the same problems exist. Imagine you start by buying an 11-87 target model with 28" barrel, for clay sports (with the receiver that can handle 3" shells). Where do you get the 18.5" barrel for it (I have not found anyone who sells the barrel for the 11-87P as a spare part), and are you sure it will fit the civilian 11-87 receiver? You have the same complications with the sights (11-87P ghost right sights are also on the receiver). Will the gas-operated mechanism still work reliably with the wrong barrel? How do you deal with the mag extensions (given that the new non-police 11-87 has a magazine that has tabs or points on the inside, which prevent adding a mag extension)? The mag extension problem means you should probably go the other way: start with the 11-87P with the 18.5" barrel, and add a long barrel to it; but does anyone know whether the long barrel will fit, and will it still cycle light clay loads reliably with the 28" barrel?


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Originally posted by cherok9878:

A Benelli in the hand is worth more than two remington's in the bush.

Please do not interpret my post as an endorsement of either Benelli or Remington, in particular not as it applies to make a "convertible barrel" gun (with both long clay/field and short tactical barrels sharing the same receiver). This seems to be non-trivial.


I don't own either. There are fundamental differences between recoil- and gas-operated guns. Even more important than those is to find a gun that fits one well. I have heard horror stories about Benelli customer support - from multiple sources, some I highly trust. These horror stories are currently preventing me from even considering a Benelli. On the flipside, Benellis are clearly finely engineered, with many modern ideas designed in. I find it frustrating that I have only two bad choices: buying a gun with bad support, or one with inferior engineering.

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