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Experience with M3 &M4..?


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Hey Man,I dont own an M3 but would like too.The reviews are great.I do own the gas operated M1014 or M4 as you call it.In a possitive manner ,NOTHING LIKE IT,GREAT firearm, fun to shoot,easy maintinence and above all very reliable, plus it looks cool too.Excellent reviews also,hope this helps,M1014 smile.gif


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Like our friend M1014, I too own the M4 and have also been looking at the M3. The lure of "just one more Benelli" and all that... My thinking is that simpler is better and there are more things to malfunction on a dual purpose gun, so buy it after you have a dependable single purpose one you are in love with, but that's me. Could be you get the M3 and never want another. Part of the decision is what you will be shooting. Do you anticipate the lighter loads that will require the pump action? Do you train for tactical situations where the pump might be preferred by some instructors / techniques? The semi M4 can be recycled manually, of course but is that much more of a handful in a fast tactical environment let's say with light loads than the M4. I personally don't envision those cases and am willing to learn the drill to cycle the action with the M4. Besides, isn't a great attribute of the semi and the Benelli the smooth and FAST semi-auto capability? Seems like that capability is the highest priority - but to each their own. Good luck...



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M10...I shot the M4 & really love it....Been look'n at a group buy...from a local dealer....But I sure would like to play with a M3...Are they still in manufacture??...

I agree totally with both You & TacMan....Unless that M3 is more truoblesom on function..I'd love to have one that I couldshoot the lower power 7/8th oz ...I've found almost all Autos prefer shoot'n at least 1oz shot loads...

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