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Dduplek Slugs

John Doe

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Contacted Ddupleks for information regarding their slugs and shooting them from a full choke, this is their response email.


Thank you for the interest in our products and the good words!

Yes, you can use them in full choke.

The diameter of the steel part is calculated to be safe for any choke - only the polyethylene encasing is touching the barrel.

Best regards,

Andris Stipnieks

D Dupleks


So, if I understand correctly the slim piece of plastic that is around the rim of the projectile is what grabs the barrel and will be able to squeeze through the barrel and the choke. Well, I have an email from them stating that it is fine even in a full choke. I will test this and report back to you guys and let you know if it works. If it does, I think the Hexolits are going to be my main go-to slug from now on. As some of you know about this slug it is super powerful and destroys everything, I also like the mechanics behind them with the petals breaking apart from the main head and just slicing up everything. I hear they work wonders on the skinwalkers and dogmen. 



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Thanks for sharing this information! It's always great to get a response directly from the source. The confirmation that the slim plastic piece around the projectile won't interfere with using the slugs in a full choke is reassuring. Your plan to test it out and report back is awesome – looking forward to hearing about your experience.

a small world cup     

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