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Why do I see some M4 with a vertical foregrip?


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I have been running the Magpul M Lok AFG on mine and I have it attached to the Briley 13" handguard and I love it. My wife finds it a little easier to use and she gets a better purchase on the weapon especially when she shoots the heavier loads. I didn't want to put a full vert grip because I didn't want too much stuff hanging off the end and making it an overall bigger weapon, but at this point, I don't think that matters lol. Try them out and see if you like them, maybe it might help you control and manipulate the weapon better, who knows, but doesn't hurt to give it a try, and if not then each their own. If you are better without then great, whatever makes you better at getting repeated shots on target.

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I like mine a lot.  I didn’t really get into vertical grips until the last couple of years when I first put one on a short barrel rifle, then a couple of other rifles.  It’s a natural grip, eases carry/presentation/shooting.  Feels super natural and I gotta say, I like…!



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