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How many here have the Springfield Prodigy?


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My early birthday gift from my girl.  She asked me to give her a list of parts I wanted to upgrade and she got me that stuff as well. My EGW ignition kit & slide lock came in today.  So, I took everything apart and installed my Atlas flat trigger and EGW parts in.  Really pleased with how everything has turned out.  So far I've added the EGW Magwell, Guide Rod kit, Slide lock and Ignition Kit, the Atlas flat trigger , Dawson Precision Mag base and a Swampfox Justice II, and Surefire X300 Ultra.  If I do anything else, it will probably be an extended mag release with a paddle and either get the grip stippled or add some Handleitgrips. 



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53 minutes ago, BigBuckeye said:

I’m actually looking at Stealth Arms but also considering a Prodigy

I was thinking about the Stealth Arms myself.  But I like the two piece of the standard DS 1911(2011) platform vs. the one piece that Stealth uses.  And I have seen several grips that I like that I could use on my Prodigy.  The Stealth would have cost me $2250 after adding a light and optic and my Prodigy cost me $2075 with all the upgrades and the light and optic.  Plus, I get the satisfaction of doing the custom work myself which is something I love to do.


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