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M4 feeding


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I have read a number of threads about the M4 being difficult to feed. After reading these threads, I am inclined to try polishing the carrier latch being careful not to change the geometry.

Before I do this, I wanted to verify something.... I installed a Taran Tactical lifter shortly after I bought the M4. (I got my thumb bitten by the cutout on the stock lifter.) 

So here are the questions: What is the purpose of the cutout on the stock lifter?

Does eliminating the cutout add enough interference to make loading more difficult? If so, is it worth the tradeoff?


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I believe the cutout is just there to help guide rounds in under stress. After a few thumb bites I got rid of it myself and installed the TTI lifter. I also tried polishing the latch to ease loading. Can't say it helped much. The one thing I did try that helped a lot was an M2 latch, but then I would have had to give up my preferred bolt release button, and I didn't like adding another failure point due to the hinged latch. So I ditched it. I can say that just over time and alot of reloading, it's gotten easier. 

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