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Hevi-steel Opinions


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I really like it - #4's were great for small ducks.


If you cut one open, you will see that the pellets are all different sizes. I think this is what makes it so effective.


With the new price increases on any non-tox made with tungsten, I plan on buying 6-8 cases of Hevi Steel for next season.


mudhen - CA

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Ammo makers are blaming the raw material cost increases on tungsten for some of the new insane pricing.


The SHOT Show will answer more questions.


Recent reports have tungsten bulk shot at $30 per pound.


Winchester's new waterfowl load is $4 per shell MSRP - my shop will be retailing the new load at $29.99 per 10 pack, $289 per 100.


Given that all the main non-tox makers use Tungsten, I would expect all shells to be $3-$4 per shell for 2006 and beyond. At least MSRP.


Hevi Shot will have to go up, Kent Matrix will certainly have to go way up, Federal's HW will go up, and Remington's new "The Shot" will certainly launch at a stiff MSRP.


I'm going to stock up on Hevi Steel and go back to some of my old favorite steel loads...


mudhen - CA

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mudhen and others,


After reading about the coming price increases in shotshells containing tungsten, I went out to check current prices at a few local stores. A couple of local sporting goods stores had them at last seasons general prices. Then I went to a general mechandise chain store that carries some guns and ammo.


Well, I was shocked to find their Remington Hevishot ammo at what seems awesome prices. All of their Hevishot shells are on sale with an additional 30% off the sale price.

1) Reminton Hevishot 3.5 inch, one and one half ounce loads in #2, #4, and #6 shot are $13.88 a box.

2) Remington Hevishot 3 inch, one and one quarter ounce loads in #2, #4, and #6 shot are $12.38 a box.


Are these as good a prices as I think they are? You guys might want to check around your local stores and see if they have any end of season close outs like I found. You may find a bargain or two!

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Hey IdahoDucker,


I found those shells at a local Bi-Mart store. I don't think there are any Bi-Marts in Idaho. There is one in Ontario OR and it would not be a terribly long drive from Meridian. Maybe you could give them a call and see if they have any left on sale.

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